Installing the Hoist

The Fiber Optic Michelson-Morley sensor is two “arms”, or straight lengths, of optical fiber. These will each be 14' long and set perpendicular to one another in a horizontal plane. These arms will rotate as a unit in the horizontal plane when operating.

The purpose of the hoist is to lower the interferometer for maintenance (and initially, construction) at floor level and raise it to the ceiling for collecting data. This has the side-benefit of clearing the the floor area for general use while collecting data, which will be almost all of the time.
Installing the hoist in the lab. The hoist installed and ready for action.

This marks the beginning of construction of the FOMMX apparatus.

The next item to be constructed will be the servo motor assembly. This will attach between two I-Joists below the hoist. The hoist will lift the assembly (and the interferometer) up and lower it down.

Initially, I will have to use a ladder to lock the motor assembly in its operating position or release it. Once I do that a few times, I will probably get some bright idea to avoid using the ladder.

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